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2 years ago

Only Girl Videos


This is a true representation of what I thought would be a normal night on the town with my beautiful wife, sexy, Becky. was Saturday night and we were very late start. I arrived first, and opened a bottle of wine while waiting Bex and by God it was worth the wait. Bex is 5 "die tall, thin, with tits and ass ! She came downstairs with a denim mini skirt, low cut top and" come fuck me boots "and I knew we were in a good night. so, in February Bex had legs I had were the average standby cover. Unfortunately, this turned out, stockings, but you can not do everything I mentioned it to me said. I had the knowing these means were playing in the afternoon. when we got to the club, I dared to go alone and my wife told him he had his first drink free. "Text me when you move, " he said. knew that would not be long until I had a text, as Bex has the most men take twice when entering any room. " I have mycan get the first onlygirlvideos drink, you find me now " was the text I had been waiting for. Not sure what I find on arrival, I ran my way into the club. It took me long to find Bex the dance floor with a type of young student to pay a lot of attention in her tight ass. his hands were everywhere on her, as she looked over her shoulder to see at the bar. I was very hard onlygirlvideos on this time and could not wait until you get home and tell him that she was a bad girl. , for short, Bex whispered to the boy, and she came to me in the bar, while he returned to his colleagues in the corner. " Do you how hard it was to bless him," he said. " We're going up the stairs, where there onlygirlvideos is a little quieter, I show you something," went up and Bex gone to the bathroom, while I found a comfortable niche. On the way back, my wife sat down and took my hand between her legs. I was surprised, he had broken a hole in her stockings and spend even more surprised when you find absolutely wet. " What makes you so wet," I said " because I played with myself, I feel so fucking great. " When he said this, he turned his legs in the direction of the bar and was strategically placed holes with not a man sitting in a chair. If it's a swingers club, "which had been caught by stiffness in the act, but it was and I needed to get home when she had my dick explode. We and handed him a black taxi. I said, " wait until you get home, hot dog ' s, he replied, " why wait " then surprised me again when starting a hole in her stockings larger, I, as a deposit some of my onlygirlvideos eager fingers looked. She gave a short breath, as I did this, the driver, who was adjusting the mirror for better visibility warning appeared. I could not wait to show the beauty and tits onlygirlvideos for release from his tight top. Bex had at that time we were playing in front of a captive audience. He slid from his seat on his knees onlygirlvideos and took my throbbing hotCock in her mouth welcoming and warm. She sucked as if she had found among them deep into the back of his throat. I looked up and saw the driver onlygirlvideos waved at me look in the mirror and onlygirlvideos guessed it was at that time had a good look at my wife perfectly round ass cheeks. I broke things left Bex wet stockings and tied his hands and threw it into the back seat. Nothing onlygirlvideos seemed more important, had to get hard. The driver seemed that the presumption and passed by his booth. onlygirlvideos "Are you OK Bex 'i asked. ' Just fuck me," she said. No need to ask twice. Bex was writhing with pleasure as I entered and began nibbling the nipples erect. I was so wet that silence with each thrust and I was the driver of the taxi pulled up to listen, but who could blame him. took Bex and took his two buttocks and screwed harder and deeper, and that encouraged me. "Harder, fuck me more," he said. I gave everything I had and felt her tig
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